Tombstone Town early previews.

Click here to see the latest buildings, we’ll add them to this page as they’re done!

kickstarter pre launch page link. Click ‘notify me’ to be alerted on launch.

I’m currently working on Old West stl buildings project and building an entire town of buildings plus scenic extras and details! Perfect for 28-35mm miniatures.

This is part of learning digital sculpting (don’t worry our main models will always be hand sculpted). 

But for scenery this makes a lot of sense, especially as you can print any size you choose. 

This will be run as a kickstarter and I’ve set the pre launch page up early so people can click notify me, but there’s a LOT more buildings to come! 

I’ll preview them as they’re done, and all the usuals will there, Saloon, gun store, town house, church, blacksmith, hotel, bank, etc.. Plus loads of scenic bits perfect for gaming cover. 

All the buildings come with removable roofs and floors where applicable and varying degrees of interior details. All the little extras such as barrels and crates will be separate files meaning you can print and add where you choose. I’m test printing each one and then adjusting as needed to ensure they work and print well at gaming size. Below you can see the digital sculpts plus some simple test prints done on an Anycubic Vyper FDM printer with 0.2mm layer height.

This will be a solely digital project, there are currently no plans to sell physical copies. 

Clarke’s Hardware
Test print
Sheriff’s office
Test print
General Store
test print
test print
Interior detail and removable roofs.
Cells ready for Outlaws!