Sponsorship, Reviews, donations, free stuff..

We receive a large number of emails daily requesting free models in some form or another. To review, sponsorship, charity etc.. We do not give out free models on request and due to time are unable to answer these type of emails either here or on our social pages. 

Questions about STL's

All our models are hand sculpted! There are no STL’s or digital element in any of our processes. Models are sculpted by hand using Polymer clay at actual size. 

Can I buy the miniatures sold in packs separately?

No, the miniatures are only available as shown.

Can I buy the miniatures painted?

The miniatures are sold unpainted, we do not provide any type of painting service, but there are many out there online! 

Trade sales/retailers.

We currently only sell online directly via this website and via trade shows we attend. At this time we no longer sell to retailers at discount. 

Sculpting/casting services.

We do not provide any type of casting, mould making or sculpting services. Adam no longer takes on freelance work of any type. 

How do I undercoat or paint the models?

Our resin models are best undercoated using a good spray. Apply in short light bursts. Our models do not require any type of pre washing as we use a special paintable mould release. Good acrylic model paints work great. You can’t go wrong with Vallejo, coat d arms and we especially recommend the P3 range of paints from Privateer Press which we now mainly use on the display models you see.