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December new releases, special offers and FREE model!

Christmas shopping dates: We’ll continue shipping to all destinations until December 15th. We’ll then resume [...]

November new releases and specials!

We’ve just added three new products to the store, Chaos Knight, Goblin Knight and the [...]

Tombstone Town early previews.

Click here to see the latest buildings, we’ll add them to this page as they’re [...]

October new releases and specials.

We’ve added a couple of new releases to the store, Dungeon Keeper and Mariam. These [...]

September new releases!

We’ve just added a couple of new packs to the store, Crate and Bottles. Both [...]

New release plus August specials!

We’ve just added ‘The lookout’ to the online store! A one piece hand sculpted 32mm [...]

New release plus July specials!

We’ve just added the City Guard Captain to the store. This was briefly available for [...]

New- Monthly Specials

Each month we’ll have some monthly specials in a new category named ‘June specials’ (or [...]

Dungeon Dwellers launches Thursday 25th May 7pm GMT.

I’m pleased that the Dungeon Dwellers Kickstarter will finally be launching! This Thursday at 7pm [...]