Black Scorpion miniatures was founded in September 2005 by Adam Clarke.  Adam sculpts and paints all the miniatures and has previously worked for Games Workshop as a miniatures sculptor. Whilst setting up Black Scorpion he worked for Privateer Press, Reaper and many others. 

Originally our miniatures were made using green stuff, the traditional Games Workshop way back in the day, and cast in metal. As time moved on we switched to resin miniatures and now sculpt in Polymer clays such as Sculpey and Fimo. This combination gives the highest level of detail with the most accurate reproduction casting possible. 

Everything we make is done by hand, from the sculpting to the casting.  Every photo you see is of the actual casting. These techniques are slower and require a skill level at every stage, making them unsuitable for mass production on a large scale. It’s for this reason we only sell direct and via trade shows, to maintain the very highest standards of quality. Our mould making and casting process is unique, using our own resin mix to give the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and detail. 

Our miniatures are approx 32mm tall, around 30mm to the eyes. 

We ship worldwide. We also attend a few trade shows around the UK and Europe. Updates of those will be posted on the site as and when we know.  Black Scorpion is based in Devon in the south west of England. 

If you enjoy what we do you can support by buying our miniatures! Alternatively you can donate here