New Website and New Releases!

Welcome to our new website! I’m sure anyone familiar with the previous one will appreciate the upgrade. We’ll shortly be sending a newsletter to all the subscribers of our newsletter.

Some features of the new site!

  • Multi images on products
  • Easy check out, creating an account is optional.
  • upgraded shipping options including tracking.
  • fixed issues with Paypal displaying alternative addresses and foreign characters not displaying correctly.
  • Instant download for PDF documents.
  • Wishlist!
  • Easy subscription and unsubscribe from newsletter.
  • Discount codes and vouchers
  • Optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • And much more!

We do suggest creating an account though you don’t need to, this enables you to see your order history, follow your wish list and see track of things like downloads.

For those that had accounts on our previous site you will need to create a new one (should you wish) the old one will no longer work as its a whole new system. We have sent some more info on this to those subscribed to the newsletter.

New releases.

Celebrating our launch we’ve added some new miniatures to the store! Moorland Ogres for our Breninmoor range are available as a pack and individually.