‘Virtual Salute’ 16/17th April.

This weekend 16th/17th we’ll once again be running a ‘virtual Salute’ Online!

Running from 10am on Saturday 16th – 10pm on Sunday 17th (all UK times).

What’s Salute? Salute is the Uk’s biggest miniatures wargames show held in London every year. As a result of cancellations and scheduling from Covid this years event (that was to be held on the 9th) is once again cancelled. Due to return next April.

As we have done the past two years we’ll instead run an online event on the weekend.

Giving you a chance to buy new releases along with some special offers!

This years offers:

UK/Europe orders of £25 or more go post free! (our orders are EU friendly using the ioss system)

Rest of world orders of £50 or more go post free!

All orders of £25 or more receive Mono the Monkey FREE! (we’ll add this automatically it won’t show on the basket. Though you can also buy him if you want more!)


We also have a few new releases available on the weekend ahead of time. Due to be released properly in the next couple of months. A great chance to get them early!

Clansmen for our Cutlass range.


Highlanders for our Breninmoor range.


And of course a Dodo!


So be sure to check out the website this weekend to not miss out!