Salute 51 previews! April 13th in London and online.

Salute is Saturday 13th April at the London Excel centre! We will of course be there and once again this year we’ll simultaneously run a ‘virtual Salute’ online which will last the Saturday and Sunday until 10pm UK time. 

The virtual Salute will have the same new releases available (though please be patient as we catch up to send them out) and our Salute 51 special miniature will be free for orders of £30 or more. 

Free postage rates will also be reduced to £30 UK, and £55 rest of the world. Don’t forget our orders are EU friendly, so no customs or handling charges on arrival. We use the ioss system. 

For the real Salute our stand is TJ11. We’ll have our new models and most of our current ranges available to buy. Salute is always busy but this year the new Knights in particular seem very popular. We will try to bring a lot of stock so hopefully there won’t be an issue for those who want them. 

Previewed below are the new release for this year!

Salute 51 miniature- FREE when you spend £30 or more.
Foot Knights 1
Foot Knights 2
Knight Commander
Lady Ferrers
Highway Robbers