Orders now EU friendly and Sale now on!

I’m glad to say we’ve now joined the EU ioss scheme. You may not have heard of this but it means our orders are EU friendly now!

If you’re in the EU the checkout will charge your local VAT rate (based on shipping destination). This means there will be no customs delays, charges, holding fees or hidden charges, just like ordering from any EU country!

The system is designed for orders of €150 or less. But to keep things simple we will use a duty paid service (which we’ll pre pay any fees for) for order over €150. This means for you the customer you can order as normal regardless and not have to worry about any customs or import fees.

The packages use a barcode and ioss number to tell customs that you’ve already paid VAT, so it will go through without any issues.

For non EU customers things remain unchanged.

We’ve also updated the site so you can pay in GBP, Euros or US dollars! Depending on your location it will switch to the appropriate currency automatically. Should you wish to manually change it you can using the switcher on the left bar of the site. Other countries can still order as normal in GBP and PayPal will convert to your local currency as normal.

When paying in Euros or USD the free postage levels will adjust to your local currency. The basket will tell you how much more is needed for free shipping.

Until the end of the month we have a sale on! just enter SALE into the coupon field at the basket stage to receive 10% off your order!

As this is a new system please let us know if you encounter any issues and we’ll get them looked at. This has kept us pretty busy over the last month, but we have some exciting new releases on the way next month!