We’re now part of the IOSS (import one stop shop) system for EU orders. This means all EU orders will be sent customs and charges free!

The system allows you, the customer, to pay your local VAT rate at the source. It will be displayed at the checkout once you enter your country.

The system is for orders of €150 or less. However for orders over this amount we will send them using a ‘duty paid’ service (which we’ll pay any fees for) meaning you’ll still receive your order with no customs charges, handling charges and VAT will be paid!

The end result is you don’t need to worry about any of the details, just order online with confidence and your order should arrive faster (as it automatically goes through customs with less delays) and with no issues.

Additionally you can now also pay in Euros should you wish, you’ll see this automatically. Should you prefer to pay in Pounds you can, Paypal will then convert at as normal.

In the rare event you are charged any fees/taxes import fees please contact us! This should not happen! We will then ensure you are refunded any erroneous fees. The system has been running for about a year now and has been working very well.